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l've been taking classes with Adriana for several months now and thoroughly enjoy them. She has a way of explaining the poses as well as the reason for doing them in order to improve our body and various basic movements. She's extremely knowledgeable and although poses are held for several minutes, the class always flies by. :)
- Claudiane (Oct 2021)
Adriana is a great yoga teacher. She knows very well how to create the right counciousness of your body.She leads you through her classes with serenity and calm. Love your energy!!!
- Marisol Rebolleda Herreros (Oct 2021)
Adriana is the most inclusive teacher I have met so far. This quality makes her classes relaxing while being physically challenging. In her Flexibility sessions not only will you stretch your body from tip to toe (literally!) but you will also learn a great deal about human anatomy while being encouraged to focus on your breath. Time will fly! At the end of her practice, you will feel lighter and yet more grounded. I highly recommend her classes.
- Alexandra (Jul 2021)
Adriana you are amazing teacher ! I have had the chance to take your gravity classes as well as yingyang sessions and I always feel so refreshed in my mind and renewed in my body cells. Lots of options and levels for all participants. You always give us so many great explanations on the breathing effects and all principles of gravity yoga :-) you are like a bible 😍 thank you so much to allow us to share our practice with you 🌸
- Laurence ory (Jun 2021)
Adriana is an excellent teacher. She takes the time to offer modifications without slowing down the class. Adriana provides cues to the class and each individual as needed. Her classes are for all levels of yoga experiences. She even follows up with an email to check in on your well-being in relation to your yoga journey.💕
- Nancy (Jun 2021)
I took Adriana’s Gravity class. Which I highly recommend for deep stretching. Adriana is an excellent teacher. Knowledgeable and very welcoming.
- Abigayle Myers-Drake (May 2021)
I’d been following Adriana’s classes and of course it’s worth it! She is very passionate and dedicated on her goal into an aspiring Yoga teacher! Sharing her knowledge and helping her learners to grow is so influential and that’s what I am getting each time I do her recorded classes. I hope to join one of your live online sessions Adriana! Keep it up! 💪🧘👍
- Sheleph (May 2021)
Adriana designs wonderful classes for lower back and for the whole body. She gives plenty attention to every student and makes sure that everyone feels comfortable. As well her classes are very gentle and suitable for everyone. I recommend it to all my friends!
- Rosita (May 2021)
Hate to miss Adriana’s class. Great detail and great explanation always follow throughout the class to make sure every modification done where needed. The sequences are great. Always feel energised as well as worked out at the same time. 100% recommend her sessions.
- Kanika Barman (May 2021)
As a runner, mountain biker and Gravity Yoga enthusiast I only have praise for Adriana and her teaching. Every class is well thought through and planned and she has often a surprise up her sleeve (new poses). Adriana is also very good at making you forget the intensity of the stretches, both by sharing knowledge about anatomy and gently guiding her students to relaxation even in the toughest of poses.
- Olle Grönberg (May 2021)
Adriana is amazing teacher and love her classes because she really focuses on needs of students (lots of option for everyone and every pose) and always is open for any questions after the class. I felt some stretches first time on her class:). Her sequences are always creative and well thougt(has lot of anatomical knowledge), she is always introducing something new, very creative. Love her energy and encouragment. She is so dedicated and determined and I admire that trades in her and as a teacher it transfers on the mat. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone.
- Ivana (May 2021)
Adriana is creative and inquisitive - and I love that she explores new poses. Her classes are relaxing and effective. She that walks a beautiful line to grow your flexibility, without being unnecessarily harsh. Relaxing, innovative, effective.
- Linda Hardwick (May 2021)
Adrianna is a great teacher. Her explanations are excellent. I highly recommmend her class, she guides you and brings your body to a deeper stretch. Don’t hesitate to book a class with her ☺️.
- Stephanie (May 2021)
I really enjoy Adriana’s gravity yoga classes and I keep coming for more. Even in the toughest stretches Adriana’s voice is so soothing and calm that helps me relax and get deeper into the poses. I love the creativity and attention to all muscle groups that she brings to each class. I highly recommend trying her classes!
- Joanna (May 2021)
I love Adriana's Gravity Yoga classes because they always make me feel good. No matter how I feel beforehand, I feel better afterwards! The class provides a great space for deep relaxation, leaning into unwinding and letting go of tension. I love the combination of poses, sometimes focusing on one specific aspect of the body, sometimes on the body as a whole. Her teaching style is gentle, kind and heartwarming. I have recommended her classes to several of my friends.
- Tina (May 2021)
My induction to Gravity Yoga was with Adriana's class. I attended her class thinking I would be doing some dynamic moves ( don't know where my common sense flew off briefly to equate gravity with dynamic movements!) , and lo and behold, I was taken by surprise with the LONG HOLDS on poses. A surprise that turned out really well for me as I kept coming back for it. I started seeing huge improvement in my flexibility as I became a regular attendee. She is attentive and is a great teacher.
- Jacqueline C (May 2021)
I love taking Adriana’s gravity yoga class. Her instructions are clear, she reminds you to breath the 4:8 breathing, she has such a pleasant and relaxing voice to listen to. Adriana is also creative in your stretching making sure to touch even the toes and calves! Amazing! Well done Adriana!
- Patricia Wilch (May 2021)
Every gravity yoga class of Adriana's is like taking an hour long Anatomy class. Class is focused on deep stretches with a focus on 4:8 breathing to help one delve deeper into the nervous system to relax the body and intensify stretches. Poses are switched up each class, so classes are not stagnant, and hold times are carefully thought out. Great alternatives given for both those with little flexibility & for those that may be hypermobile. Well thought out pose sequences. Focus is on students and adjustments are given throughout class. With hypermobility, previous yin/gravity classes left my joints hurting for days. With Adriana's help, gravity yoga has allowed me to stretch muscles (not joints), which for the first time, has given me a balanced approach to my fitness goals. Adriana is 1 of only two gravity yoga teachers I trust my body with, and I am extremely grateful to her for introducing me to the "safe" world of Gravity yoga.
- Ayla (May 2021)
I'm a bit of a yoga slacker, so I tend to resist practicing. But I always feel great and never regret taking a class with Adriana. She is very kind, knowledgeable and attentive. I referred several of my friends to her courses.
- Joseph Kim (May 2021)

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