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I logged into Beth's class late one evening and completely exhausted. Beth actually managed to ensure that I left the lesson still tired but totally satisfied and happy. Big compliment!
- Corinne Widmer (Oct 2023)
I felt completely comfortable with Beth since the first time. She gives straight instructions easy to follow and she makes sure that you are seen and safe. My body felt relaxed and the pain was less in my back after vinyasa flow. Thank you !
- Despoina Niniou (Jun 2023)
The Flex and Flow class was great! Beth has a very calm and soothing voice and adds valuable information while we are holding the poses which makes the time fly. She shows alternative poses for different levels and has a very down to earth vibe. :)
- Dina Silvm (Apr 2023)
Great class with Beth, a good mixture of flow and flexibility . Clear instructions, wonderful teacher! Now I’m relaxed and sleepy 😴❤️
- Cordelia Bracht (Apr 2023)
I enjoyed Beth class, she connect well with us and easy to follow instructions and was fun !
- Gabriella khine (Mar 2023)
Loved the "Flow and Flex" class with Beth! Great energy and I loved the mix of yoga flow with longer stretches at the end. Highly recommended. Thanks Beth!
- Jenny (Mar 2023)
Flow and flex was a great class. I am just starting out and there was a good mix of instruction and quiet time to focus on breathing. Would recommend to anyone.
- Aaron (Jan 2023)
I enjoyed the class called “Flow and Flex”, thank you Beth!
- Jean-Louis (Jan 2023)
I enjoyed the class called “Flow and Flex”, thank you Beth!
- Jean-Louis (Jan 2023)
I took a class called “Flow and Flex” with Beth and LOVED it! I really love how it was the right mix of both flexibility and vinyasa yoga. Her instruction is clear and modifications were offered. I’ve already signed up for another class and look forward to practicing more with Beth in the future.
- LaVella (Dec 2022)
I took Beth’s Flow and Flex class. It was excellent! Beth has a very encouraging, welcoming teaching style. Her knowledge of deeper stretch techniques is obvious and she is able to put that into easy to understand instruction to her students. I really appreciated the time she took to walk the class through a deep flexibility class without rushing. I would recommend her class!!
- Dari (Dec 2022)
I took a stretching class with Beth. Great class, very relaxing after a long day of work. Very clear concise direction. Class was very easy to follow
- Jen B. (Nov 2022)
Beth ROCKS! Loved the flow! Challenging and absolutely a blast! THANK YOU BETH!!!
- Amy Noel Walters (Jun 2022)
Beth is amazing teacher. I enjoyed her Vinyasa class today, the instructions were clear and I loved the sequence. Thank you Beth! I look forward to join your next class :))
- Mina (Apr 2022)
I Enjoyed Beth’s class last Friday. I arrived early and she was there already talking friendly and wearing beautiful smiles. Beth is a strong teacher with clear direction and explanation, which is easy to understand. Her class sequence was well prepared, and she paid attention to each of her students during the class. I'll recommend her to those who want to take a yoga class. Thank you Beth.
- Sherry (Apr 2022)
Beth is a great instructor.We did a flexibility class today.She was very clear with her instructions and had quite a few adaptions if you were struggling. Her relaxed way of chatting also made the time fly when holding those poses.I also loved the toe tapping! Look forward to the next class!
- Jacqui (Mar 2022)
I recently took a flexibility course with Beth. She was fun, down to Earth, and her cueing was spot on. She managed to make the long holds go quickly. I will be taking more classes with Beth.
- Lisa Rapetti (Feb 2022)
Beth is an amazing yoga instructor. She gives clear directions and modifies poses to suit everyone in the class. She is very knowledgeable and accepting of new students. Beth’s class is always a pleasure to take.
- Arden Reinhardt (Feb 2022)
I've taken a dozen or so classes with Beth, she is both professional and a joy to be in class with. She has a strong knowledge to back up her instruction and she does an amazing job executing this knowledge, both verbally and in practice. She supports her students and adjusts their moves, she provides an easier version of almost every pose, and is very accepting and welcoming to students with little experience. Overall, Beth is an amazing yoga teacher!
- Tyler (Feb 2022)
I took Beth’s vinyasa class and loved every moment of it. Beth provided a lot of variety and very interesting poses. She provided a lot of possibilities in the poses that accommodate beginners and more advanced students. Her cues were very clear and class had a beautiful flow. I will be back for more!
- Joanna (Oct 2021)
Beth is an amazing instructor! She is very attune to the needs of her students and takes the time to assist with adjustments that help to make your yoga practice beneficial. I enjoy each one of her classes!
- Lisa Lamb (Sep 2021)
Beth is a wonderful, highly-skilled yoga teacher and I loved her session. Her classes are interesting and never the same each week. I have practiced yoga for over ten years and every yoga teacher is different. I have found Beth’s yoga teaching not only heals my body but the depth of mindfullness expands my knowing of what my body can do. Beth is a teacher who works with focusing on different parts of the body and there is a strong energy of warmth and support with an almost family-like atmosphere. With each pose Beth encourages focus and mindfulness to help you become attuned to your own bodies. You will ADORE her classes and LOVE Beth, everyone does! 😉 + You always leave feeling very relaxed and stress-free after a hectic and demanding work week. She’s a great teacher, I highly recommend her classes! 💕
- Carina (Sep 2021)
Such a wonderful class! What a pleasure to be encouraged to keep up my flexibility practice. Thank you, Beth!
- Samantha McGowan (Sep 2021)
Wonderful classes with Beth! Pacing is perfect and her directions are always clear and helpful. Her encouraging demeanor and positive attitude makes her classes a consistently pleasant experience.
- Todd Rivetti (Sep 2021)
I really enjoy Beth’s energy. Her classes are nicely paced and my body felt like it received a nourishing flow. Instructions are very clear and she always gives that little bit of encouragement just as a pose is peaking. Love practicing with her!!
- Claudiane (Sep 2021)
Beth's energy is contagious moreover her sequences are extremely pleasant!
- Arianna Ferrari (Aug 2021)
Beth is a very motivating teacher especially when the going gets tough! She has a straight-forward, down-to-earth approach to the work and I find it so helpful that she always interlaces her teaching with useful information and anecdotes about the anatomy of the body and how each pose can affect it. Her strong leadership enables me to relax into the sequences and an hour of physical challenge passes by surprisingly quickly!
- Amanda Garland (Jun 2021)
Beth is very energetic and kind to new yogis. Thank you so much for your empathy!
- Kim (Jun 2021)
Beth is a great teacher with good and motivating energie. I loved her class and i vould follow her guides very well. Sure I am going to reapeat...
- Marisol Rebolleda (Jun 2021)
Beth is a great teacher with good and motivating energie. I loved her class and i vould follow her guides very well. Sure I am going to reapeat...
- Marisol Rebolleda (Jun 2021)
I have taken two of Beth’s classes and appreciate her clear instruction and motivational tone. You can feel, see, and hear her passion for her yoga practice the moment you take a seat on the mat to the very last balancing breath exercise. Definitely check out her classes.
- Rachel Currie (Jun 2021)
Beth, you are such an amazing teacher! Your explanations are cristal clear and you always give different options for all yogi levels :-) Also, you are carefully watching at all your students in order to give them the appropriate corrections... how many eyes have you got ??? Your flows are always very well conducted, with the perfect pace, and so fluid, it’s such a pleasure to follow you ... feels like a real vacation for our busy minds ... I am so grateful to have been able to attend your classes 💜
- Laurence ory (Jun 2021)
I have been attending Beth’s vinyasa flow class for several months now and absolutely love it. I am a yoga teacher myself (in my 50’s) and I attend Beth’s class as an act of self care. I enjoy her pace and energy. I know she will support my individual daily goals be they relaxation, rejuvenation or pushing the boundaries of challenge.
- Jamie (Jun 2021)
Beth's yoga classes are always well-planned and her instruction cues are articulated clearly throughout each session along with modifications when needed. What I really like about Beth's class is that she takes the time to connect with each of her students. I truly enjoyed Beth's classes each time I was able to attend!
- MANCHING TOM (May 2021)
Today I joined one of Beth’s yoga flow class and loved it. Beth gave clear instructions and had lots of energy and enthusiasm. I recommend her classes to everyone!
- Marc Robinson (May 2021)
Beth is a great teacher, full of energy ( I loved it ). Her vinyasa class is very good with a good pace. I definitely highly recommend.
- Stephanie (May 2021)
I love Beth's classes! She is a very well prepared teacher who leads the flows in a beautiful way from beginning to end, always offering options to make the poses more challenging or to step back. Highly recommended!
- Laura Manca (May 2021)
I’ve been doing yoga with Beth for a few months now. I’ve done a few vinyasa flow and usually do gravity yoga with her. I try not to miss a week and hate when I do! I love the way she teaches and her routines always make me feel like I’m getting a good stretch. I’m sitting in a wheelchair all the time and I have very tight hips and hamstrings, so it’s very important for me to get on my mat and stretch for that hour!
- Marissa (May 2021)
I appreciate Beth and the yoga classes she leads! She creates a really easeful and bright space to practice yoga and rejuvenate! Thanks, Beth, for all that you give!
- Kathryn (May 2021)
Iam a regular at Beth’s classes. - be it vinyasa or gravity, I attend them all. She is strong and very well versed with what she is teaching. Her sequences and flows are seamless and hence always a pleasure to practice. Her classes are welcoming, encouraging and accessible for all levels.
- Jacqueline C (May 2021)
Beth’s yoga classes are the perfect balance of work and fun. Her relaxed approach is very welcoming for students of any level. I am motivated and encouraged by the improvements I experience each week. She has a thorough understanding of body mechanics and will often make suggestions to help with any discomfort in certain poses. She’s a great teacher and I look forward to continuing with her classes!!!
- Lisa Kempskie (May 2021)
Beth is a fabulous yoga instructor. Her classes are well thought out and move at an appropriate pace. Her instructions are clear and concise as she explains and demonstrates each move. She encourages her participants to work at their own ability. Her positive manner is uplifting to all!
- Jo Ellen Reinhardt (May 2021)
Beth is an awesome teacher! She has a casual style that makes me feel welcome in class. Her instructions are clear, and she gives modifications so that anyone can participate. She is also not one of those super bendy teachers that make me feel "I can never do that". Instead, I know her struggles and gains are real, and that inspires me to deepen my own practice. I highly recommend her!
- Ray Humphrey (May 2021)
Beth is amazing teacher. I love how she makes students feel seen and supported during classes and the way she speaks and adjust students. I love her super clear instructions and well thougth sequences. I always see improvments in my practice in strength, balance and flexibility on her classes and it is inspiring.
- Ivana Pentek Oršanić (May 2021)
Beth is a great instructor! Her directions are very clear, her pace is always spot on and sequences are really enjoyable. I love practicing with Beth, she keeps it real!
- Patricia K. Wilch (May 2021)
Beth is a strong teacher with clear direction who will both challenge and support you in all of the best ways! Give her a shot - I love being a part of her community :)
- Linda Hardwick (May 2021)

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