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AMAZING! Claudiane is knowledgeable and teaches with ease. She immediately gets you in a comfortable state and works to ensure you get the most out of your session. She sold me on the benefits of yoga instantly. I look forward to a continued routine with her.
- Nathalie (Nov 2021)
Claudiane is an amazing teacher. I really enjoyed myself in the class. I would like to have more classes with her.
- Meddgine Metellus (Nov 2021)
Claudine is a true professional. I loved practising the breathing techniques with her. She has a very calming effect on her clients.
- Gaynor (Nov 2021)
WOW WOW WOW. I'm impressed, your class was AMAZING. I loved how you started off with low impact and then showed us how to bring it to the next level if we felt comfortable enough to try. Most workouts do it the other way around and i usually find myself standing and waiting for the alternate moves. You made it fun and comfortable for every level. This must be your calling, your calming voice and your clear instructions made it easy to follow and gave me a sense of peace. Thank you for doing this. I can't WAIT to see what's next. I officially have a favorite yoga instructor.
- Francesca Metellus (Nov 2021)
I love practicing with Claudiane! She has a gentle way of guiding you, encouraging you to go deeper in your practice. I always feel like she’s my personal coach, giving all round support during class. I will definitely recommend taking classes with her!
- Shanika Libert (Nov 2021)
Claudiane is an amazingly warm and inspiring yoga teacher. Her form always makes me want to go that extra inch and her words of corrections are kind, encouraing and always helpful for adjustments. I love her attention to detail and her challenging flows. Highly recommended.
- Kim (Nov 2021)
Claudiane est un PROFESSEUR HORS PAIR, très à l'écoute et attentive à ses élèves. Elle nous donne à la perfection les corrections personnalisées nécessaires afin d'améliorer sa pratique, profiter des bienfaits des postures et se sentir plus confiant dans son corps et son esprit. Claudiane, ta voix est un enchantement et ton énergie positive transparaît à travers tous tes gestes. Merci pour tous tes conseils et tes enchaînements à la fois dynamiques et relaxants ... Quel bonheur de pratiquer avec toi! Merci et vivement la prochaine séance !!!
- Laurence (Nov 2021)
Claudiane is really an AMAZING TEACHER !! She is very attentive and knows exactly where she leads you in order for you to be able to level up your practice, enjoy it and feel confident about yourself. Her voice is so soft and encouraging and her cues are exactly what you need to get the right alignment in any posture... Claudiane you make me feel soooo good after practicing with you that I would like it to never stop ;-) Thank you so much for your wonderful energy!!!
- Laurence (Nov 2021)
J’ai adoré le cours avec Claudiane! Sa voix m’a tout de suite enveloppée et faite entrer dans le flow. Je me suis laissée porter par sa voix calme, ses instructions claires, douces et posées. J’ai beaucoup aimé la construction de son cours, j’y ai appris beaucoup de choses. Claudiane est à l’écoute de ses élèves, c’est un grand plaisir de faire cours avec elle. Un grand Merci!
- Diane (Nov 2021)
Claudiane is such a knowledgeable and grounded teacher! Her classes are energizing and fun. She is so attentive to her students, even in virtual classes (which is a rare skill). I've learned a lot from the cues and instructions that she provides, and I would highly recommend her classes!
- Jonathan (Nov 2021)
I love the way Claudiane's teaches very clear, calm and confident. Her being attentive to details is admirable I would love to take another class from her again. I totally recommend her classes.
- Eleanor Gaschet de L\'Isle (Nov 2021)
I love how Claudiane makes me feel comfortable in her class. She has a warm smile and a soft way to help you with your poses and understanding how and why to do them. Her calm energy is contagious and encouraging to push towards my goals. She’s an amazing Teacher!! Thank you girl!!
- Troyce (Nov 2021)
I wish I could take classes from Claudiane every day! She's such a warm and encouraging teacher, with a great well of knowledge. Her teaching voice is so calm and encouraging. When I'm in her class I feel myself stretching—literally, of course, but also in my self-confidence as a yogi and the entire scope of my practice.
- Karen R. (Nov 2021)

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