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Joanna Boniecka-Grzelak | Verified Reviews

I have only taken the vinyasa flow classes with Joanna so far, but I loved them - intense, well thought-through, and diverse in the poses used. I have been practicing vinyasa on and off for years, but Joanna used many new to me poses that worked very well for my particular practice needs. I'm very much looking forward to trying some of Joanna's newly added classes to diversify my practice.
Sima, August 2021
I was waiting to take Joanna's Stress Relief Flow class, and it was so helpful! I could feel the built-up stress melting away from my body with the stretches and motions through which Joanna guided us very clearly and calmly. Her classes are always well planned and professional - she makes sure her students are able to follow along with her cues. Many thanks to Joanna for starting me off again in my practice 🙂
Dahlia Das, July 2021
Love Joanna's classes and tutorials. Her explanations are really clear, and her classes are a great challenge for the start of the week, leaving my muscles tingling and wondering what hit them!
Catherine Daly, June 2021
I fall in love with using props after Joanna's class, she is a true "queen of props". Her classes are well thougt, fun (lot of testing your balance, my favorite thing...) and challenging. She tottaly changed my perspective of what you can do with yoga blocks😆. Her cues are clear and she is very creative person whitch reflects on her classes, themes and sequences. Truly love Joannas classes and highly recommened them😁.
Ivana, June 2021
I had always looked at use of props (eg- Blocks) more as a crutch. Joanna changed all this when I first attended her Vinyasa Class with Yoga Blocks. I was pleasantly surprise at the added dimension and challenges that the blocks can bring to my existing practice without blocks. Since then I have always looked forward to Joanna's classes - they are challenging, creative and always a great learning session. I have immensely benefitted from these classes.
Jacqueline C, May 2021
Joanna is one of the best teachers I have ever taken a yoga class with. And her use of props!!! I had never known that yoga blocks could have so many uses and help so much in a yoga class. I'd always used them to raise the floor up, but Joanna has taught me so many different ways to use them and deepen my practice, I almost couldn't believe it. Her classes are dynamic, very well thought out and just fabulous!!! I highly recommend Joanna and her classes. Be ready to be amazed and to give all your muscles a deep and excellent workout. You'll never regret it. Actually, you'll be coming for more and more!!! :)
Adriana, May 2021

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