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Victoria Leigh

Broadcaster and Yoga Teacher situated on the beautiful North Atlantic coast of Cornwall. Specialising in Yoga Trapeze, Science of Stretching and heart-led, nourishing Vinyasa classes for the body, soul and mind.

Based in Cornwall, on the beautiful North Atlantic coast, I offer 3 very different styles of Yoga in classes across both sides of the county.  I completed my first 300 hour training with Amy Jones at the Wellbeing Studios and then went on to specialise in Yoga Trapeze® and Gravity Yoga® with Yoga Teachers College under the guidance of renowned teacher trainer Lucas Rockwood.  My Vinyasa classes are heart led nourishment for the body, soul and mind. I love to breathe and flow and feel and in these classes we take a deep dive into the ancient roots of the practise.  I was first drawn to Gravity Yoga after an enlightening conversation with a friend whose religious background prevented her from participating in a \'traditional\' practice. She wanted to experience the benefits of a Yoga practice but felt very conflicted by her personal beliefs. I started to research science and anatomy based classes and found that there was nothing really available to her in our part of the country. Gravity Yoga, based in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics fulfilled all the benefits she was looking for with none of the cultural appropriation. My Gravity classes have opened up yoga to a whole new audience and I now work within CrossFit gyms and with professional athletes delivering an incredible addition to their training regimes.  The Yoga Trapeze seemed like a natural progression forward from Gravity Yoga. This practice combines strength, flexibility, balance and traction and attracts clients from all walks of life - those suffering from back pain, professional athletes and groups of friends who want to fly and have fun.  I\'m very proud to be the first certified teacher in Cornwall to offer both Gravity Yoga® and Yoga Trapeze® and to bring both these incredible practices to Cornwall.

Amy Jones Yoga

300hr YTT

Yoga Alliance Professional (December 2020)

Yoga Teachers College

(May 2021)

Yoga Teachers College

(April 2021)