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I had an amazing experience with Rosita and I will definitely come again: nice and friendly class, easy emotional connection with the teacher. Strongly recommended.
- Carina (Sep 2021)
Me and my daughter had such a lovely day yesterday. We did the yoga in het Amsterdamse bos, and we go kajakken. It was An amazing experience. Rosita is so lovely and nice, she has Just a good vibe and she makes everyone feel good. Thanks for the beautiful Day again❤️
- Tirza Sollner (Jun 2021)
I loved yoga With Rosita!! I have been practising for now almost 4 years and she managed to make it fun and challenging for all levels...being a fitness instructor myself I know how hard it could be to engage a crowd of mixed and different individuals and she succeeded 100%! My husband could get to stretch as much as he needed while I was having fun practising some more challenging poses she suggested me!! I had my first class yesterday with her and I can’t wait to see rosita again... Her energy is contagiously sweet and uplifting! What a great yoga teacher we found 🤩🤩🤩 in love with Rosita already in one go!
- Jessica (Jun 2021)
Rosita is the sweetest, most amazing & caring yoga teacher I have met. She is very dedicated, passionate and explains every posture very well. Rosita organized a fun day at the Amsterdamse Bos and combined kayaking with 2 wonderful yoga sessions followed by a delicious vegan picnic. It was an amazing day in which I was able to recharge, relax, laugh and make great memories with the nicest group of people. Thank you Rosita for the experience and I am looking forward to the next class! :)
- Karem (Jun 2021)
Amazing idea with combing yoga, good weather, great people and kayaking from Rosita. Had an amazing experience and one to remember. Rosita made sure everyone was safe and having a good time and dedicated a good amount of time for everyone, great teacher and even greater friend!
- Vlad (Jun 2021)
Rosita is one of the very best teachers I have ever had the pleasure to take yoga classes with. She's very approachable and friendly. Her classes can be dynamic (Vinyasa) and relaxing (Yin-Yang) at the same time. She has a wealth of knowledge in anatomy, and makes big efforts to always include interesting facts about the muscle groups being worked in class. I have also taken some of her Breath Coaching sessions, and I am always amazed at her fascinating way of explaining the different yoga breath categories to her students and integrating these explanations with in-depth practices. I am always eager for her next class! I highly recommend Rosita and her classes. They are definitely top rated!! :)
- Adriana (May 2021)
Rosita is amazing and passionate teacher. Her sequences are always amazingly well thought (either Vinyasa, Ying-Yang or breathing classes), she is always super prepared and you can learn something about anatomy or scientific facts. She gives clear instructions. Students feel seen and she adjust them nicely if needed... She helped me with breathing classes so much with my lower back tension, I am forever grateful. I can see my progress on her Vinyasa and Ying Yang classes and it feels inspiring. She is positive person and has great personality.
- Ivana (May 2021)
Incredibly positive attitude. I have enjoyed all classes. Everything is understandable, and she makes everything look so easy. Passion and excitement are immeasurable in classes with Rosita. Every time I learn something new and valuable. Amazing!
- Alekss (May 2021)
Rosita is an amazing person and teacher! All her classes are intensely focused on the students’ needs and she’s really funny too 😂!
- Miky (May 2021)

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