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Michael is really an exceptional teacher. He knows exactly what he's talking about in each and everyone of his classes, might it be Trapeze or Vinyasa Flow. His sequences are built in a perfect and structured way and Michael will lead you out of your comfort zone before you even notice it ;-) We feel like we are upgrading our level after each class! Also, Michael has a very special playing personality and he always brings humour and games during his teaching... Thank you Michael !!!
Laurence, October 2021
Michael lead me through the most amazing class I've ever taken! His yoga trapeze class was so challenging and fun! Thank you Michael and I cannot wait to take another class from you!! Namaste'
Samantha Dawn McGowan, September 2021
I attended a yoga breathing workshop with Mike in August and it was so informative and beneficial. It was a great addition to my overall wellness routine. Highly recommended and fun!
Heather, September 2021
I took a yoga breathing workshop with Mike. It was both fun and informative. He shared great information on the science of breathing and included time to apply breathing types in various yoga poses. It was an effective way to absorb and apply the science. I look forward to future classes and workshops.
Emily, August 2021
Always love your classes Michael. They challenge you but do not over work you. Your instructions are incredibly clear and easy to follow. You always make your classes fun with your spidey moves! Thank you Michael!
Patricia K Wilch, July 2021
Michael delivers a very fun and informative class. You’ll see how beneficial and important a trapeze class is for your whole body. I recommend you try one of Michael's trapeze classes.
Cheryl , June 2021
I've only had the chance to attend a handful of Michael's classes, but have always come out of them feeling better than when I went in. Michael has a special gift to create challenging, yet accessible and fun classes for his students. His sequences are some of the best I've ever had the honor to follow, and his care for his students is simply one of the best I've ever witnessed. If you want a great work out that challenges you and helps you find yourself within, then Michael's classes are the way to go! I highly recommend him as a yoga instructor, and his classes as some of the best to be found around! Don't miss out on Michael's gift for teaching and the great classes he has to offer!!!
Adriana, June 2021
This was my 2nd trapeze class and although challenging, I made it through! I was surprised at my ability to do some of the poses. Michael’s explanations are so clear that there is very little need to be looking back to see what is being done (which can be tricky while in the trapeze). Love thé superman outfit to represent the variations on the Superman pose as well as the incorporated game! Looking forward to the next class!!!
Claudiane, June 2021
Mike is passionate teacher and yoga student and it reflects on his classes. His classes are seriously fun;)(from being a Spiderman, jedi master...) and perfectly challenging. His squences are well thought, love his alignment cues, his attention to breathing and being aware of present moment (so relaxing also). I highly recommened Mikes classes (Vinyasa and Trapeze) to everyone interested in yoga:).
Ivana, June 2021
I absolutely love Mike’s yoga classes. Mostly his trapeze class - he creates always a wonderful flow. He does a really good job breaking down the poses, and challenging us to go further. It’s a great workout and always fun! I highly recommend
Carina , June 2021
Mike's classes are always interesting - its a good mix of challenge, creativity and streaks of humor to make the challenges bearable :) His knowledge, commitment and passion comes through in his teaching. His classes are very well structured, so you never leave disappointed. I have attended his trapeze as well as vinyasa classes, and they are both worth a try if you have never attended one.
Jackie C, May 2021
Yoga with Mike is always a good time. He is patient but also challenging in his yoga flows. We work, we stretch, we pose, and we usually sweat quite a bit. But I always come away from a session feeling better than I started, and I usually sleep really well too. I highly recommend joining the Yoga flow.
Wayne, May 2021
Coach Mike is so knowledgeable, caring and adaptive in his yoga instruction. I had trouble with some moves and he adapted them for me so I could feel more successful. It is very clear Mike has a true passion for what he does.
Angela Helge, May 2021
I think this class is great because coach mike is so awesome and he if you need help he will help you in the kindest way possible, he also makes it very interesting and fun. most yoga classes i have done are kinda boring not gonna lie, but coach mike incorporates stories and jokes which makes it so much better for me to learn and understand. i have had a lot of fun doing this with coach mike and if anyone asks i would definitely tell them to try it out!!
Reva Khare, May 2021

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