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Peter Gordon Lepere

Peter is a certified yoga teacher in Santa Barbara, California. He is trained in traditional Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga focusing on the integration of breath and physical movement grounded in a science based approach. His biggest goal is to bring yoga to the forefront to show its accessibility to everyone.

With a wide array of career paths I have come to learn that my work ethic, integrity, thoughtfulness and patience are my strongest assets. To date my greatest professional success stems from my time with HERBL Solutions, California\'s largest cannabis distributor. During my 2.5 years I helped build the Operations warehouse and team in Santa Barbara and implemented processes in the operation that are still used. I built a strong team of future leaders with Santa Barbara\'s 2nd shift Operations team and was regarded as a systems expert among my peers. Most importantly I honed leadership skills that I was previously unaware I possessed as well as built self-confidence that has given me the drive to continue to pursue new challenges. As a recently realized leader ready to take on new challenges I found my skills are better suited to help by teaching in an atmosphere that puts health and well-being first as a certified Yoga Teacher. Yoga has done amazing things in my own life by reducing my stress and anxiety through breath-work and synchronized movement. It has also helped me deal with chronic back pain I experience due to scoliosis. In yoga I lead by example as I did during my time working in operations. However, now I am teaching my students the power that movement and breath can have on the body and mind and how important taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health is. Truly finding life balance within my work.

HERBL (February 2020 – September 2022)

Job Title: Operations Supervisor


YOGABODY 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

RYT 200 (December 2022)

Yoga, Hiking, Calisthenics, Rock Climbing, Minimalism, Stoicism, Reading, Writing, Lego Building
Single Class (30-60 minutes)
3-Pack of Classes (Use within 30 days)
6-Pack of Classes (Use within 30 days)
9-Pack of Classes (Use within 30 days)
12-Pack of Classes (Use within 30 days)
15-Pack of Classes (Use within 30 days)
1 Month: Unlimited
3 Month: Unlimited
1 Year: Unlimited
1599 USD

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