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Ivana Pentek Oršanić

I am passionate Yoga Trapeze teacher, Vinyasa Teacher and yoga student for life. For me yoga entered my life when I was under so much stress and it changed my life. I use to work like Floortime play therapist and teach parents and experts how to stimulate development in their children with special needs. I just transferred those skills in my yoga teaching and now when I teach feel like I am living my dreams by serving my students, helping them find their strength, balance and flexibility in fun, challenging but also relaxing way. Always offering many options of poses in classes to accommodate peoples individual needs. After classes I love to stay a bit and answer to any questions. We are building relationships and supporting each other grow.

Passionate Yoga Vinyasa and Yoga Trapeze Teacher and yoga student for life

Self-employed (January 2021 – January 2021)

Job Title: Yoga Teacher

Teaching private and group online classes in Yoga Trapeze and Vinyasa Yoga.

Association of parents with special needs: (January 2021 – January 2021)

Job Title: Floortime (Playtime) Therapist

Providing therapy and teaching parents and experts how to promote development in children with special needs through play and talk

YB Yoga Teachers College - 200hr


Vinyasa Teacher (January 2021)

YB Yoga Teachers College

Yoga Trapeze

Yoga Trapeze Teacher (January 2021)

SUP, reading, playing, cycling, climbing, walking in nature, camping, playing djembe, music, free movement, laughing and yoga;)...